This is my stream of consciousness section. I've been seeing people make sort of their own version of Twitter that's less bad than the cesspool that is actual twitter. I tend to log a lot of thoughts on my phone on an app that's almost as bad if not worse than twitter so... here's my ''twitter but less awful'' section. I also needed a place to jot down thoughts without making 17 blogposts per day. Cool. I'll try to keep it safe for work but I do make a lot of raunchy jokes at times so maybe scurry out of here if you're a child.


I also need to buy rpgmaker to get started on clown town(tm) (a game I'm working on. kind of.) but also I feel like rpgmaker games don't get as much respect? But it's the only software that has the look that I'm going for. If anyone knows any software that could achieve that rpg type look and feel other than rpgmaker I'd love to get suggestions. I'm super new to these things so I don't know my way around this stuff. ouch.

I saw a coding guidebook for students and I wanted to get it but knowing me I'll just look up tutorials rather than grabbing a physical book. I used that money to buy a monster girl papercraft book. I'll probably get more use out of the monster girls anyway but... weird financial choice but ok.

I finished ''cleaning'' my desk which is actually just me moving all the clutter onto the floor to be cluttered on the floor. But my desk space is now a lot nicer to work in hooray maybe I'll actually get stuff done tomorrow. I need to continue writing a fanfiction I've been wanting to write but my passions come and go so its real hard to find energy to write about stinky clowns when you're not having a pennywise moment. I know this makes no sense to literally everyone else but me. Suck my ass

I'm sad to announce that I'm going to get rid of a sketchbook again because it's associated with awful feelings. It costed me 20 euros and that's awful but i don't want to have that feeling lingering around anymore. Why is this consciousness thread a mess of all emotions including horny.

The newer it films make me feel so many things. Like I can go from clown lust all the way to genuine depression and then to nostalgia in the span of 3 hours. jesus christ.

I too come from a town thats ragingly racist and homophobic. Luckily we just don't have a clown problem anymore.

I'm a bumbling homosexual for pennywise the clown and I had a real nasty dream about him last night and it was wild. I keep having sexy dreams about clowns and every time I do I have a good time the day after. I am a bumbling idiot and homosexual thank you for coming to this ted talk

First post in the stream of consciousness thread!! waoo I'm gonna try to update this a lot more now since I'm kinda out of my rut *knocks on wood*